written by @catnamedpizza
June 6, 2020


That's what your momma say when she see Pizza. The internet's sweetheart.
ESKETIT I was lucky enough to spend the day with superstar, Pizza Cat La French. I will never forget the things i saw.

Pizza had arranged a flight for me to come to California for the interview. I touched down in California at exactly 4:20 PM (I dont know how Pizza pulled that off) but it was pretty funny. When my baggage arrived there was a Tesla waiting outside with a chrome paint job and led lights embedded all over.
Oh, cool that's my ride. :|
I get in the car and there is a small Asian man on a booster seat and really thick glasses driving.
Oh, cool.
After the death defying road rash race, I arrived at the hotel where we would conduct the interview.
No Tip
Peace Bitch

I go up to room 420 to meet Pizza. When the door opens I smell Snoop Dog but see a wee little kitty. Pizza had a presence. You could see why she was so popular on the internet. This was the aura of a superstar. I have met Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, even Michael Bolton, but they are absolutely shit compared to pizza.

vogue cat

She was sitting back real smooth like a player. You could tell she had that loud. You could see everything you want to be in life in the eyes of this beautiful kitty.
Pizza looks at me with a stare that could pause the moon. Pause the fucking moon broke boy.
She opens her mouth.
Holy shit
I feel like I just did a pretty big favor of some kind for Jesus herself and Jesus is super stoked about it.

Pizza took me around and showed me a bunch of stuff I can't mention.

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