Top 3 Cat Friendly Outside Activities For You and Your Cat

Cat Named Pizza
June 13, 2020

Are you and your cat getting a little bored at home? Add some fun to your week with these activities!

Outdoor Fun:

Birdwatching – If your cat is like most cats it loves to watch wildlife (especially birds!) Join in the fun with your fur family when you add a bird feeder or bird bath to your backyard. Check daily with your cat to see what type of birds come to your yard and when.

Backyard Chase – A game of chase may sound like a humans only game, but cats can play too! Grab an extra shoe string, lengthy ribbon or piece of yarn and take your fur family outside (if allowed). Run up and down your backyard dragging your selected string or yarn behind you. Watch as your cat hunts and chases the string as if it were a lion in the wild. Exercise for everyone!

A Garden to Share – Cats love to find places to graze outside. Plant them some cat nip or cat grass. These plants will add some green to your yard and be a favored backyard destination for your cats. Just be sure that your cats have collars with a form of pet identification on them and supervise this activity at all times.

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